Plugin – DF FileConf

I wrote a plugin that can be useful if you are going to move your blog to a different site. There are many options that needs to be changed if the URL of your blog changes, at least ‘siteurl’ and ‘home’. This is normally done manually updating the values in the database table wp_options, since you can not reach the WordPress administration sites if these URLs are wrong. If you use a plugin that makes use of Google Maps you need to update the API key as well.

This plugin has only been tested with the WordPress 2.1 branch, but might work with older versions. Please report on compatiblity with other versions.

Please read the readme.txt file that is included in the archives for installation directions. It is important to understant the structure of the array variable in the configuration file.

I suggest you leave the option “df_fileconf_update” to false until you are certain that you have entered the correct options and they are working. If your blog stops working then you can change the option “df_fileconf_active” to false to disable the usage of the configuration file.

This plugin is also hosted at

License: GPL

Here are the archives you can download, in both zip and tar archives.

- tar DF FileConf

- zip DF FileConf