WordPress is one of the most popular bloging tools on the web today. It is written in PHP, Javascript and regular HTML code. It was designed to be a single blog application, but several projects exists to make use of it as a multiblogging tool. WordPress Mu is an official product of the WordPress community and Lyceum is a fork of WordPress developed by Ibiblio.

WordPress supports plugins and themes. Plugins are used to extend the functionality of WordPress without touching the core code of WordPress and themes give your blog a new look.

WordPress can be used as a web applications framework with functionality to access a MySQL database, do translations of your text, execute asynchronous calls from the client using the technique called AJAX and most importantly it supports extentions of functionality through plugins. The possiblities with plugins are allmost endless. You can make WordPress present your data using custom template files. Input can be made by parsing the parameter list in your plugin. Your plugin can take full control over the workflow in WordPress and everything that is returned back to the user.